J&L Interiors Announces Scholarship

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Leesburg-based J&L Interiors has announced the Pathways of Design Scholarship for a graduating Loudoun County high school senior interested in pursuing a career in the creative arts.

The scholarship totals $5,000 and will be awarded on an ongoing annual basis to help pay for trade school or university with a preferred interest in studying abroad. That is meant to allow the student to explore and be inspired by the city’s arts, culture, and history. The scholarship can be used for travel expenses, tuition expenses, books, and lodging. 

“We are so grateful to our clients, partners and vendors throughout Loudoun County and beyond that we could think of no better way to celebrate our 25th business anniversary than to encourage a talented student in his or her interest in the creative arts,” stated Julie Hoffmann.

“We love Loudoun County. We raised our families here, built our business here and we believe in giving back to the community. Helping a student reach his or her potential reflects our core values and will make a difference in his or her life for years to come,” stated Lori DuVal.

Applications are due by May 15. The J&L Interiors Scholarship Committee expects to announce a winner by June 1. Learn more at jandlinteriors.net.

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