Loudoun4All Holds Rally for Teacher Appreciation Week

The group Loudoun4All gathered to support teachers and public education last night during a teacher Appreciation Week rally in Sterling.

In a rally alongside Rt. 7, over two dozen demonstrators held signs that read “Honk to Thank a Teacher.” The crowd chanted “support our teachers, protect public ed.”

Leesburg Vice Mayor Marty Martinez, who is running for a House of Delegates seat, was among the attendees. He said that special interest groups have been stoking public discourse and creating animosity. Over the past year, School Board members have faced a removal effort rooted in frustration over the board’s policies and handling of several scandals in the division.

“I think if you get the facts and you talk about what education is about, it’s not about special interest groups or agendas. It’s about educating our children and everyone has a voice,” he said.

Many of the supporters said they felt teachers have been targeted in the politization of education, and are experiencing burnout from working through the pandemic and being vilified in political discourse.

Lynn Davis of Sterling said that students and teachers are bearing the brunt of the political climate.

“It’s become an artificial bullseye for the right-wing crazies. They don’t care about education, they’re just trying to rally their base,” she said. “I know so many teachers that are considering leaving the profession because they’re sick of being bullied or attacked or worrying about every word coming out of their mouth because of Youngkin’s tipline.”

She is referring to the email address established by Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s administration allowing people to report the teaching of “divisive concepts” in schools. Upon his swearing in on Jan. 15, Youngkin issued a series of executive orders targeting education, following campaign promises that frequently pointed to Loudoun County schools. Executive Order One calls to end the use of “inherently divisive concepts,” including Critical Race Theory, in schools.

Cris Candace Tuck, a local activist and LCPS parent, said after four years of sending his children to Loudoun County Public Schools, he’s never seen material that sparked concern.

“Teachers are phenomenal and if you trust teachers at the core of this issue then you know that no teacher is going to do anything to harm a child or expose them to something that is going to hurt them in any way,” Tuck said.

School choice is a prominent political issue, as Youngkin is calling for the establishment of more state-run charter schools, similar to the model in North Carolina, where there are over 200. Opponents of the idea argue that school choice would divert dollars from public education, and that district schools would suffer.

Loudoun4All members stand alongside Rt. 7 at the intersection of Augusta Dr. to show support for teachers and public education during Teacher Appreciation Week. (Hayley Milon Bour/ Loudoun Now)

7 thoughts on “Loudoun4All Holds Rally for Teacher Appreciation Week

  • 2022-05-04 at 2:42 pm

    Public education has been slowly degenerating for decades, and the teachers unions have played the biggest part of that decline. Teachers need to actively work to revamp the public school system. In the meantime, the money needs to follow the child regardless of where the kids’ parents choose to educate them.

  • 2022-05-04 at 3:12 pm

    I am reminded about the meme from the Babylon Bee stating that “folks who claim they never censor anyone are worried they can no longer censor anyone” in response to Musk buying Twitter.

    If LCPS teachers do not try to indoctrinate students, then why do these Leftists care if school choice is implemented? Or the tip line is used? We know better as parents. We heard with our own ears what teachers taught in the classrooms during Covid and we were stunned. Shocked by the anti-western sentiment. Shocked often by the incompetence (demonstrated in falling test and growth scores).

    And then we were shocked by the greed, irrationality, indifference, and laziness of teachers. They cheered as instructional days were cut from 180/year to 170/year. They refused to virtually teach on “snow days” despite the learning loss. They stood by as a Dominion band instructor was allowed to resign and get recommended for a job in Florida after having inappropriate contact with students. And they remained quiet as a Trailside MS teacher failed a polygraph on sexually assaulting a student in a locked classroom and had other victims come forward even as LCPS returned him to classrooms unmonitored (claimed cameras in classrooms were not allowed – ha!). And stood by as a non-binary rapist was returned to LCPS schools to repeat his crimes while LCPS withheld the info from VDOE.

    If teachers are effective, families will seek out their services in public, charter or private school. There is nothing to fear from publicly funded school choice. But Loudoun4All and many teachers want to force students to be indoctrinated and used as pawns in their ever skyrocketing compensation schemes while kids suffer. Both are immoral. And the public realizes this now.

  • 2022-05-04 at 4:03 pm

    The harpies are full of hot air. Nobody wants to groom their children, teach them CRT or turn them into socialists. That’s a trope embraced by Youngkin that should be rejected by all fair-minded Loudouners. Loudoun4All simply wants all segments of society to be valued. For so long, society’s power structure rejected that notion. And some pitiful souls cling to the old way of doing things. Thankfully, their numbers are dwindling. Happy Teacher Appreciaton Week Loudoun!

  • 2022-05-04 at 4:30 pm

    “I think if you get the facts and you talk about what education is about, it’s not about special interest groups or agendas.” Says Marty, as he attends a special interest group demonstration.

    Like all leftists, Marty has long believed he’s the smartest guy in the room.

  • 2022-05-04 at 5:26 pm

    There is so much here to comment on.

    1. Vice Mayor Martinez said “It’s about educating our children and everyone has a voice,”  However the previous Governor felt parents had no voice.

    2. Lynn Davis of Sterling said that students and teachers are bearing the brunt of the political climate. She then goes on to refer to “right wing crazies”. She is part of the divisive issue she complains about.

    Cris Candace Tuck, a local activist and LCPS parent, said after four years of sending his children to Loudoun County Public Schools, he’s never seen material that sparked concern. In 4 years he’s likely experienced 2 schools maybe 3 and a limited number of teachers. Like cops there are both good and bad. The cheers are for the good while the concern is for the bad.

    I’m not a fan of charter schools but I’m also not a fan of the current school board.

  • 2022-05-04 at 6:51 pm

    I’m pro-choice and pro-free speech (the right to protest) but you won’t see me out there with this group as they are lumping every social issue into one.

    While they’re mad as hell, they should also be jumping up and down in victory. The USSC is about to hand the Democtats a new lease on life for the up coming elections. These elections usually have poor turnouts but that was just changed. Every race across the country from the local sheriff, mayor, treasure and even librarian will now be about abortion and the candidates’ opinion which will have zero ability to change the ruling.

  • 2022-05-05 at 10:59 am

    Isn’t it very odd that an organization that gets PAID to provide a service (LCPS and school districts everywhere) demand that the clients thank them? Oh wait, it was the teachers unions who started this racket where they have control of who can receive public money for K-12 education (not so in higher Ed) and we must thank them for taking that mone.

    Have you ever seen ANY other business flog clients to thank them? Even higher Ed institutions don’t do this because they are seeking students’ business even though much of college tuition is paid for using federal and other public funds.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have choice and see teachers cater to student I treats? If we stop letting these special interest groups like Loudoun4All dictate policy, we can achieve just that.

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