Letter: Connie Rice, Leesburg

Editor: I was shocked over the weekend to learn that the recently convened special grand jury investigation into the Loudoun County school division’s handling of a sexual assault case has issued subpoenas for records of individual students. 

Reportedly, in at least one case, a records request directly targeted a transgender student who was unrelated to the initial scope of the investigation based on a keyword search for the phrase “transgender policy.” This child had no involvement in the sexual assaults incidents last year. And in fact, no transgender student was involved in those incidents.

There have been assaults by football team members at Tuscarora High School. Is the grand jury investigating all football players? Or to the point, investigating other athletes? 

Why is the grand jury searching school records to single out transgender students and subpoenaing their records? Other than a predisposed bias, why would they be investigating innocent transgender kids? Why is the grand jury is searching school records under the key phrase “transgender policy” at all? That policy had nothing to do with last year’s assaults and was not in effect at the time. The transgender policy is based upon the Gavin Grimm case and Virginia Law. 

The continuous involvement of well-established hate groups like the Alliance Defending Freed and the Family Research Council in Loudoun School lawsuits and Republican political efforts is apparent. Incidents completely unrelated to transgender kids are used to smear that community and to work to hurt them. Willingness to lie to achieve hate-based goals is one of the defining characteristics of a hate group. And so many people seem ready to ignore the fact that these people are, in fact, hate groups.

I’ve been very disappointed that more community leaders and politicians have remained silent on this matter. Transgender children are a tiny, vulnerable minority. The continuous efforts to tie them to assaults and to define them as dangerous is hate. Stop it. Call these people out.

We will not let hate win. 

Connie Rice, Leesburg

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    • 2022-05-11 at 10:09 am

      Is letter this the sort of thing that Biden’s new Ministry of Truth will be investigating or nah?

      The content of the letter is pure BS and now we’ve got somebody shooting into the AG’s office in RIchmond.

    • 2022-05-14 at 9:03 am

      Most of what the author of this letter claims is either false or spin to support her cause.
      Let the investigation continue and uncover the truth about the coverup by LCPS.
      Ignore the histrionics of the LBGT radicals. This not about LBGT ‘rights”.
      It’s about the a coverup of a serious crime, sexual assault, and the safety of our kids in school.

  • 2022-05-10 at 6:19 pm

    Connie Rice’s letter is music to my ears. It’s time to stop the hate-filled rhetoric in Loudoun by drawing the line at Transphobia. The Trans community had nothing to do with the two assaults at issue. Neither did Policy 8040, which wasn’t even in effect. Mr. Miyares is like a bull in a china shop, causing so much needless consternation. It’s time to leave Loudoun alone! He can’t hold a candle to the Land of Love. Long Live Loudoun Blue!

    • 2022-05-11 at 7:01 pm

      Then you are obviously tone deaf. The only people who are concerned with maintaining anything regarding race, gender, or sexual orientation as a discriminating factor are the Democrats. As long as they can keep driving that wedge between people, insisting that certain groups can’t achieve the same or have to work twice as hard and then lowering the bar for entry or final success serves nobody other than themselves and their power. Congratulations. You’ve done what the Republicans are continually accused of: dumb down America.

      Side note: how many transgender students are there in LCPS and how many total students are there? Just think about that for a bit.

  • 2022-05-11 at 12:34 am

    It’s not surprising that we get this remarkably ignorant letter from one of the agitators from Loudoun4All. Records of students are regularly accessed during these investigations and lawsuits. Yet, those records are protected from disclosure especially during a grand jury proceeding. Absolutely nobody is investigating LGBTQ kids for misconduct in the AG’s investigation. Only a dishonest woke radical or clueless agitator like Rice would suggest that.

    What is more interesting is that LCPS is following FERPA in this instance. Parents are supposed to be notified any time student records are provided to a party without a typical need to know. However, LCPS has categorically disregarded FERPA protections for years. When LCPS student whistleblower(s) came forward during the Jane Doe sexual assault litigation against LCPS and its teachers, attorneys for LCPS had open access to those students’ records without any notification to the students’ family in direct violation of FERPA. Those students’ families had no opportunity to seek protective orders before the records were made available to LCPS employees and attorneys with no typical need to know. LCPS attorneys did not issue subpoenas for the records as required but simply said “hey, do you have any negative information on this whistleblower in your system I can use”? I wonder if Rice and her agitators will criticize LCPS for violating FERPA when targeting critics of LCPS policies?

    LCPS is a criminal cartel. It has been that way for years. Perjury in court and in depositions by its officials. Violations of FERPA all over the place. Fraud against federal education agencies. The list goes on and on and on. The only way to improve the ethical conduct of LCPS is to purge the school board and have them replace virtually every senior admin in that cartel from Ziegler to Byard to Ellis on down.

    • 2022-05-11 at 11:41 am

      Well first off, to my knowledge, Connie is not a member of Loudoun4All. And secondly, my what a detailed explanation of the legalities of the investigation from an anonymous internet person.

      • 2022-05-12 at 4:15 pm

        Detailed? Are you acknowledging you are totally ignorant about this federal law? Not surprising that the LGBTQ+++ community would spout off about being “targeted” when they are totally clueless on the process and why they are not targeted.

        And it appears you are very pleased that LCPS used student data in the Jane Doe case without notifying parents as required under FERPA. I mean anything that involves/supports grooming is a high priority for your community. How sick.

        • 2022-05-13 at 9:45 am

          Sigh. Your vitriol is thick. And the “grooming” thing is BS straight from the Alliance Defending Freedom. The latest LGBT smear campaign. This is the hate that we won’t let win.
          You – hate.

  • 2022-05-11 at 7:22 am

    And here we have
    attorney Robert Falconi debunking the lies spread by
    @EqualityLoudoun, @julibriskman, and @loudoun4all
    that grand jury subpoenas were targeting transgender students!

    • 2022-05-11 at 11:39 am

      So issuing subpoenas to students with knowledge of events while searching for transgender students is evidence that they’re not targeting transgender kids? Nope. In the military, they’d call that a smoke screen.

  • 2022-05-23 at 4:00 pm

    Connie is one of the bravest, most upstanding people I know, a former combat airman who fought for our rights at the risk of her life. I would stand with her anywhere.

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