Lovettsville Residents Push for Broad Way Traffic Calming

Just weeks after celebrating the opening of the Lovettsville Community Park, town residents and Town Council members are raising pedestrian safety concerns about the East Broad Way crosswalk that links the park and the community center.

During the May 12 council meeting, a delegation of residents urged additional safety measures at the crosswalk, which is located just east of the Lovettsville Road/Milltown Road/Broad Way intersection.

Residents said speeding always has been a problem in the area and the construction of new sidewalks did little to address that problem. Now, with more people walking to the park there is a growing concern about pedestrian safety—one that will increase once renovations at the community center are complete and that facility reopens. 

Karen Parrish has lived on Broad Way for 18 years and sees a different type of traffic these days, with drivers more in a hurry and less likely to stop for pedestrians.

“There is sign in the middle that says ‘crosswalk’ that was repeatedly run over, and that was very disturbing to see. Oh my gosh, that could be us,” she said. 

Jason Bickmore lives across the street from the community center and said the crosswalk’s location at the top of a hill makes it difficult for drivers to see.

Council members agreed with the concerns, but noted that VDOT previously has nixed efforts to install additional traffic calming measures—including a raised crosswalk or additional speed signs. The agency also opposed the three-way stop condition at the intersection that was a requirement of the Town Council’s special exception approval for the park in 2007.

“We hear you. We’re trying,” Mayor Nate Fontaine said. 

At the meeting, the Town Council unanimously approved sending a formal request to the county government to conduct a new study of traffic calming measures in the area. That process starts with a new traffic study of the area. Once some traffic calming proposals are identified, there will be outreach to the community. If town and county leaders sign off on a plan, it would then go to VDOT for permitting.

If it gets that far, Fontaine and other council members hope the concerns of residents will help push the project through the regulatory process.

One thought on “Lovettsville Residents Push for Broad Way Traffic Calming

  • 2022-05-16 at 4:59 pm

    The dangerous roadways that plague Loudoun are dreadful. East Broad Way in Lovettsville & Route 15 are but two glaring examples. The politicians needs to be more proactive in solving this problem. Roll up your sleeves & get to work. No more carnage in the county! Happy Day of Light Loudoun!

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