Loudoun ADC Medical Team Awarded at Wellpath Conference

The contractor medical team at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center was presented with Facility of the Year honors for the Northeast Region during the Wellpath Health Service Administers Conference in Durham, NC.

The team was recognized for its efforts to provide exceptional service and compassionate care throughout the pandemic. Under a $5.4 million annual contract, Wellpath provides dental care, optical care, on-site care, substance abuse/detox programs, behavioral health services, comprehensive health appraisals, radiology and laboratory services, medically necessary diet programs, special needs and chronic care, continuity of care and discharge planning, patient health education and awareness programs, emergency and hospitalization arrangements, pharmaceutical supply, and medication management.

“I am very proud of the work being done at the adult detention center, from both our sworn and civilian staff, as well as our many partnerships, including private entities like Wellpath,” Sheriff Mike Chapman stated in announcing the award. “We work to ensure everyone housed at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center has the best opportunity to succeed upon their release. This not only includes re-entry and educational programs but their overall health and well-being.” 

Wellpath is one of the largest correctional providers of medical care and mental healthcare treatment in jails and prisons operating in 34 states.

The firm also was a $5,000 contributor to Chapman’s 2019 re-election campaign.

2 thoughts on “Loudoun ADC Medical Team Awarded at Wellpath Conference

  • 2022-05-21 at 8:39 am

    I hope it’s true that Wellpath provides great services. It was Fyodor Dostoevsky who wrote: “The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.” Also, I’m glad Loudoun Now mentioned the $5,000 campaign contribution Wellpath gave Sheriff Chapman. I’m not saying there’s anything untoward going on. But full disclosure with public officials is always a good thing. Happy Eat More Fruits & Vegetables Day Loudoun!

  • 2022-05-23 at 11:08 am

    The former Sheriff of Norfolk Robert McCabe was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury on 11 Federal Charges involving the Norfolk Jail Medical contract with Correct Care (currently named Wellpath). Also indicted by the same Grand Jury was the then CEO of Correct Care (WellPath) Gerald F. Boyle. Both the individuals denied that they had engaged in any criminal activity involving the jail medical contract. Former Norfolk Sheriff McCabe decided to go to trial and was convicted by a Federal Jury on all counts and was immediately ordered into custody by the Federal Judge and was remained in custody ever since despite numerous motions for release. Former CEO Gerald F. Boyle’s fervent denials of innocence ended in a pela of guilty before the Federal Court in Norfolk. The former Sheriff of Norfolk during his trial said that “friends don’t bribe friends” sounds almost as ridiculous as Sheriff Chapmans “the money buys access not influence”.
    Upon examining the Federal indictment the similarities between the Loudoun County Sheriff Office contract and the Norfolk Jail medical contract with Correct Care (WellPath) are stunningly similar. The evolution of the LCSO contract since Sheriff Chapman took office is exactly the same as it relates to being sole source, performance increases, etc., and payments to Correct Care (WellPath) follows the same pattern used by the former CEO Gerald F. Boyle and former Norfolk Sheriff McCabe.
    During, Sheriff Chapmans first campaign when he was challenging then Sheriff Simpson he mocked Sheriff Simpson for taking money from a campaign supporter who was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury. Sheriff Chapman professed his integrity and questioned how a true law enforcement professional would be involved with someone who was indicted on Federal criminal charges. He declared that if Sheriff Simpson had any integrity he should return the money or give it to charity. I do not remember Sheriff Chapman having one of his scripted photo shoots in which he addressed the fact that one of his largest contributors was convicted of Federal crimes and he was giving all the money that was contributed to charity. This is the second person connected to Sheriff Chapman’s campaign to be convicted of Federal crimes makes you wonder. In case you forgot who that individual was it was his former campaign manager and personal confidant Brain Reynolds.

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