Round Hill Council Approves Tweaks to Main Street Project

The designs were laid out a decade ago, but now that Round Hill’s Main Street improvements are under construction many residents are looking for a Plan B. The Town Council is working to make that happen.

In addition to streetscape improvements, a key element of the project to better control the stormwater that drains into the downtown corridor, often flooding lawns and basements. To fix that the sidewalk on the east side of the road it being elevated, by more than two feet in some areas. That means some homes fronting the street need new steps or ramps to compensate for the elevation change and it has created some unexpectedly very steep driveways. 

In a May 18 update to the Town Council, Project Manager Rob Lohr noted that many of the residents who lived in the homes when the new sidewalk was designed have moved—16 of 29 houses have different residents—and others have gotten older, finding that a ramp would be a better solution than the earlier planned steps. He and the town staff have been working with each property owner to address their concerns and proposed a package of project tweaks. 

Lohr said that while some residents were frustrated and worried about the work, none made unreasonable demand in their request for alterations. “Everybody is working together and helping their neighbors,” he said.

The construction cost of the changes is estimated at $20,000, with at least that much required for additional survey work and easements. The council on Wednesday night approved an allocation of up to $75,000 from the $3.5 million project’s contingency fund to accommodate the changes.

Council members applauded the staff’s efforts to address the concerns. 

Mayor Scott Ramsey noted the approved work isn’t likely to make everyone happy, but said that the fact that the council chambers have not been filled with complaining residents was a credit to the outreach efforts. 

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