Interview with GOP D10 Candidate Hung Cao

On May 24, Loudoun Now reporter Hayley Milon Bour spoke via phone with Hung Cao, GOP District 10 nominee.

First of all, were you surprised with your win?

I was surprised by the large margin by which we won

What issues do you think would turn Loudoun red and grab the voters here?

I think people have been poking at a sleeping bear and they cross a line when they mess with our kids. It’s bad enough that inflation has sky rocketed. Gas prices are at an all-time high. We don’t have baby food, they supply chain is abysmal. Security is bad in terms of lawlessness and illegal immigration. But when you start going after our kids, that was the final straw. That poked the sleeping bear. 

So what role do you think Washington plays in education? A lot of candidates will likely hone in on ed. But, education is generally handled by localities – where does Washington come into play?

You’re absolutely right, education should be a local issue. But somehow, the department of education, a lot of funding comes directly to the schools. A lot of the money was supposed to come to proper ventilation but it doesn’t. And also, ee shouldn’t have been pushing CRT and also mask mandates. Kids are being kicked out of school because they’re not wearing masks, back a few years ago if a kid misses more than 10 days of school it’s called truancy. But now you’ll kick a kid out of school because they came close to somebody who had COVID. It’s really taken a wrong turn where the federal government has overreach. So what I want to do in Congress is make sure there’s not overreach.

From the department of education to the states to the counties to the schools. Not straight from the federal government to the schools.

You mention the mask issue which was massive here a couple months ago, but the mask mandates and COVID protocols have ended-

Have they? Because some of the states are bringing them back.

Some of them- that’s what I’m going to ask you- do you see that happening in VA?

Yeah, people say ‘masks don’t hurt’ but I have a friend whose poor ten year old son had strep throat. You know a lot of people who have strep through are asymptomatic. Well the mask caused him to get these pox. It looks like small pox on him. And it caused permanent scarring on him. And that’s detrimental to a ten-year-old kid. So, you say masks do no harm, but it did do a lot of harm to this ten year old kid. 

Yes, similar situation to lawsuit the Youngkin admin got involved in. And then on the flipside, there was a lawsuit here in the district for special needs kids who want to be in classrooms but can’t be exposed to COVID, so the family wants masking. Do you you think there is any common ground that can be found on the issue?

You know that’s a great point. The ones that suffered the most were the special needs kids who needed their assistants to be there with them, and because of that they regressed in education. But for those kids with the special respiratory issues, that is one in a thousand. And we need to address that. That’s what that COVID money was supposed to be for, for HEPA filters.

For example on an aircraft the DOD did a study in 2020 to see ventilation in an aircraft. Because ventilation is so good in an aircraft is so good, you’d have to sit next to a patient, a person positive for COVID, for 54 hours before catching COVID from them. The longest flight is from Newark NJ to Singapore, and that’s 18 hours. So I’d have to sit on that flight three times over to catch COVID. So, if we have proper ventilation in school, that wouldn’t be an issue for that kid with respiratory issues.

Something GOP candidates are grappling with is January 6- eying voters who maybe could be swayed but do not want to be associated with Jan. 6. Where do you stand on what happened? And what should happen?

We should have full investigations. But what worries me more than January 6 is January 5. You know there were two IED’s. One placed on the DNC and one placed on the RNC. And the Vice President-elect of the United States was at the DNC headquarters that morning. So we had a woman place the IEDs that morning and we don’t know where that person is. So as a bomb tech, that worries me very much. All of the surveillance, all of the camera you have, you’re able to find out where grandma was on Jan. 6 but you can’t find out who placed two IEDs on the doorsteps of the RNC and DNC.

But Joe Biden- he won the election?

Again I’m going to tell you it’s very hard to understand how a person who hid in their basement the entire time got more votes than Barak Obama. It’s just very hard for me to understand that.

So there’s a question mark for you?

There’s definitely a lot of anomalies and a lot of rules that were not followed. Because of COVID we’re telling people that you don’t need to have certified an absentee ballot. Are you telling me you’re too scared for your life to have somebody certify an absentee ballot is… I guarantee people have been going to the supermarket, they have been going to get supplies. There’s just a lot of question marks, like you said.

So if you win the election, your term would overlap with President Biden’s presumably, do you recognize him as president?

Well he’s sworn in. yes he is sworn in. He’s the 46th president of the US. He took his oath of office.

And a topic you know a lot about. Just a horrible question to have to ask given then news from the today, but, gun control- where do you stand?

Gun control has never stopped anyone. Most people get bludgeoned to death and stabbed to death than they get shot. I mean it’s a tragedy, it’s an absolute tragedy. But if it’s not guns it’s going to be with pipe bombs. Or knives or hammers. People get bludgeoned to death a lot. What do we control? Fentanyl has killed a lot of people. It’s just evil there’s a lot of evil in the world and we’re not going to stop it with gun control.

I’ve got to ask you, I’ve lived in Japan and there are other examples internationally where mental health is very poor… Just looking at the public safety reports, there aren’t massacres elsewhere like this. There are stabbings and trucks driving into crowds. But not at the clip we’re seeing in America. I don’t think there’s a debate about-

I’m glad you said Japan because the day of the incident of 2012 where the kids were shot in the school in CT… Sandy hook… the same day, some guy went in Japan and stabbed 20 some kids in Japan.

 I want to say the same week, I’ve got to check my facts on that… A mad man went into a school and stabbed more kids than Sandy Hook.

Again, evil is evil. Weather you use a gun or bludgeon someone to death… It’s not the instrument that kills the people, it’s evil that kills people.

Western Loudoun- what kind of progress should be made on infrastructure and cyber and connecting that part of Virginia?

You’re talking about the infrastructure bill and not a lot of the infrastructure bill handles that. A lot of the infrastructure bill handles charging stations for the electric vehicles, that not many of us own. It goes to Critical Race Theory issues. Not a lot of it goes to actual infrastructure and roads and even broadband. We need to make progress there. Especially down in Rappahannock, those poor guys you can’t even get cellphone service down there. Any kind of internet you can get you’ve got to use the satellite system.

11 thoughts on “Interview with GOP D10 Candidate Hung Cao

  • 2022-05-25 at 11:27 pm

    Last year the Commonwealth elected the most diverse trio to ever lead Virginia. Not much was made of their diversity because they were all extremely qualified candidates, and its long past time to begin to judge people on the content of their character, not the color of their skin! However, it was not long before the racist, hypocritical Left began referring to AG Miyares as “little Fidel” due to the fact he is a first generation Cuban! One can only imagine what racist witticisms they will employ when trying to denigrate VA-10 Republican candidate Hung Cao.

    Will they find it amusing that a Viet Nam immigrant, like so many of the recent immigrants in Loudoun County, loves and appreciates all the values and opportunities offered to them in the United States, and are determined to preserve and fight for these values? In Cao’s case, those opportunities included graduating with the first class of Thomas Jefferson High School of Science & Technology before attending the US Naval Academy and establishing an outstanding career as a much decorated naval officer.

    What negative stigmatizing label will they apply to his home schooling family? Something that makes perfect common sense for a family of five children that has moved 12 times in the service of their country and he is, understandably concerned about the erosion of excellence and the apparent discrimination of Asians at his old, beloved, high school.

    We know we can expect screeds of “labels” from the comedians on the Left, but it will be interesting to see the attempts to smear this decorated veteran while working to hide the racist hyperbole they generally apply.

    There are two sides to many issues. We all know where Rep. Wexton stands because her 100% “Nancy Pelosi” voting record over four years has brought us unprecedented high prices for gasoline and groceries that continue to escalate daily, and while she has been very vocal in her support for transgenders, she was uncommonly silent when a Virginia Tech swimmer was cheated out of her rightful place on the podium and when a skirt wearing boy sexually assaulted a girl in a girls bathroom in a Loudoun County High School

    On her first day in office, Wexton removed a flag honoring POW/MIA victims who sacrificed their all for this country, and replaced it with the Rainbow flag. That was an insult to all military members and every veteran that I hope Hung Cao will rectify on HIS first day in office.

  • 2022-05-26 at 6:42 am

    Good answers to partisan sounding questions. Why not ask why no federal transportation involvement was even requested by our current representative to study the Point of Rocks interstate commerce caused traffic jam every day on route 15 north of Leesburg? Why not ask about unfunded mandates on education by the federal government or the unneeded control of Dulles Airport parking lots by the federal government? Why not ask why our representative never once even questioned how all the nuclear power plants in the USA can continue to operate without an approved long term hazardous waste storage facility (YUCCA Mountain) which was closed by the Obama Administration? Why not ask about opening up interstate competition to get insurance rates down? Why not ask about the linkage between the monopoly power of the AMA and the cost of medical care in America? How about the Afghanistan withdrawal or the southern border? Let’s grow beyond partisan talking points! 🙂

  • 2022-05-26 at 7:23 am

    Wow. Hung Cao sees goblins that simply don’t exist. CRT isn’t taught in K-12. Please give that a rest! Nobody is coming after school children (except the mass murderers, whom Mr. Cao doesn’t seem interested in stopping). And there was no widespread voter fraud in 2020. That thesis has been debunked, over & over again. We need a Representative for VA-10 who lives in reality, not a haunted house. Happy Ascension Thursday Loudoun!

  • 2022-05-26 at 8:04 am

    Huh? This fellow can’t tell you who the President of the United States is but he wants to go to Washington to represent you in important matters? Does he know what year it is? Toss this one back, he’s nowhere near ready for prime time. There are already enough nutters sitting in Congress. We don’t need to add yet another one.

  • 2022-05-26 at 9:10 am

    Hung Cao is a wonderful man and will lift the 10th Congressional office from the outhouse to the penthouse.

  • 2022-05-26 at 10:02 am

    Thanks for this interview. I’ll be sending money to Jennifer Wexton’s campaign.

  • 2022-05-26 at 10:33 am

    I’ll be voting for Cao over Wexton but I agree with the indication of the interviewer, education is a local problem not one at the federal level.

    He needs to be focusing on national issues such as inflation, immigration, inflation, infrastructure and where has all the money gone.

    I do agree with his answers about the 2020 election. There was a lot of irregularities but Biden is President and we have to deal with that for 2.5 more years.

  • 2022-05-26 at 12:10 pm

    This interview is an indictment on Loudoun Now and the interviewer. No questions about taxes. No questions about government spending. No questions about inflation. No questions on immigration. No questions on foreign policy. Even when asking questions on education, no questions on executive orders by Biden trying to force girls to compete with boys (“trans”) in sports or forcing teachers to call students by false pronouns.

    It’s almost as if Loudoun Now doesn’t know what the role of a Congress member is.

  • 2022-05-26 at 12:21 pm

    Wow, Mr Cao handled the extreme-left-leading interviewer well.
    His responses were rational and reasonable.

    The focus should be on Wexton (D) and her wacko Leftists pals who have absolutely WRECKED this nation over the past 18 months. The national issues are obvious to anyone paying attention.Or at least paying their bills. The (D)s need to go, en masse. We cannot have a doddering and possibly senile president bobbing his head in agreement with the radical Leftists who have taken over the (D) party.

    VA-10 isn’t CA-12, so why does Wexton (D) vote like she’s representing that district instead of ours?

  • 2022-05-26 at 1:28 pm

    While I am a lifelong Republican, I cannot identify my party anymore. This interview is another wedge driven between me and my party. Rather than continue to litigate election results and blame all things on Democrats, how about offering some real solutions on the economy? The only solution he offers is to put HEPA filters in schools, which the EPA already suggested is not a sufficient remedy. And the anecdote about Strep is borderline bizarre.

    • 2022-05-30 at 11:29 am

      If the interviewer focuses on “social” issues how was Mr Cao supposed to address the important stuff, like the economy?

      You’re falling for the trap that LN set for its readers. They WANT you to focus on what’s not important.

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